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The Institute of Microwave and Photonic Engineering is one of 5 institutes of Graz University of Technology participating in the Ecsel JU project ENABLE-S3. Overall there are 71 partners from 16 member states of the EU led by AVL List GmbH. The duration will be 3 years. ENABLE-S3 is industry-driven project and aspires to substitute today’s cost-intensive validation and verification efforts by virtual and semi-virtual testing and verification, coverage-oriented test selection methods and standardization to pave the way for efficient development of highly automated and autonomous systems (ACPS). 13 use-cases in the domains automotive, aerospace, farming, health maritime and rail will be covered in the project.

Our contributions

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In cooperation with the Institute of Automation and Control of Graz University of Technology (IRT) the radar-target-stimulator for automotive radars developed within in the project GAZELE is going to be extended to allow the emulated movement of targets also in cross-range (azimuth) direction. That is necessary in order to create a simulated "radar-environment" that stimulats driver assistance system similar to the way that the real environment does. In this way testing and validation can be done on a testbed allowing to save thousands of kilometers on real roads.

On a testbed

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The correct operation of the radar target stimulator could be demonstrated with the radar of a real vehicle on a roller chassis dynamometer at AVL.

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