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UltimateGaN is a European research project, which is funded by Ecsel JU. The aim of this project is the exploration of energy-saving components based on the new semiconductor material Gallium-Nitride (GaN). Due to the results, it should be possible to use these power semiconductors in several areas of application whereas the costs should be competitive with other technologies.

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Possible interesting application areas for such chips are: renewable energies, e-mobility and fast data transfer.

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The interests of the Institute of Microwave and Photonics Engineering are suitability and use of GaN-semiconductors for radio frequency power amplifiers. This results in two tasks for the institute as part of the project:

  • Examinations of new package technologies and integration in PCBs: in this context, modeling, simulations, measurements and characterizations have to be carried out.
  • Assembling a demonstrator for a radio frequency power amplifier with GaN-chips developed in the project for 5G and Radar applications below 5 GHz.
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Sponsor / funding program
  • Ecsel Joint Undertaking
  • FFG

26 partners from 9 European countries. You can find the partners here.

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