Radar and microwave propagation

Photo of an air surveillance radar
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Avalanche radar at Arlberg
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Image of weatherradar data
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The radar and microwave propagation research group of the Institute of Microwave and Photonic Engineering is mainly engaged in research and development of hard- and software for various radar systems.Furthermore, we do research regarding electromagnetic wave propagation at microwave frequencies.

Radar development

Open box of an avalanche radar
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Our main focus is in radar systems for environmental monitoring. In particular the radar research group has developed radars for the measurement of snow avalanches, a weather radar for precipitation measurement and a wind profiler. Those are generally technology concept demonstrations and prototypes which could be built and put on the market by industrial partners. An ongoing development is a radar for the observation of birds and bats. Furthermore also test systems for radars are designed at the institute. An example is a target emulator for automotive radar systems.

Software solutions

Image of weatherradar data
© IHF/TU Graz
The main software development is WIIS a program for displaying weather radar images and other meteorological information. This led to other meeterological software and to display systems for hail suppression onboard the aircrafts. Besides that the radar systems developed at the institute (avalanche radar, weather radarbird radar) need also software for control, signal processing and display. Especially the radar signal and data processing is an important field with different hardware platforms depending on the demands:
  • Standard-PCs
  • Dedicated digital signal processors (e.g. ADSP21020, TI C67xx-family)
  • FPGAs
Furthermore we develop software tools for our private use necessary in our consulting activities (e.g. evaluation of air-traffic control radars and electromagnetical interference studies).

Further research topics

  • Radar target simulation (together with the Micro- and mm-Wave workgroup)
  • Hydrology and neuronal networks
  • Studies about wind farm impacts on radars
  • Precipitation scattering

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The subject area of this workgroup is also represented in teaching by the lecture Introduction to Radar Systems and a seminar Radartechnik focused on weatherradar systems.

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Furthermore we are participating in the Automated Driving Laboratory with an exercise about automotive radar sensors.

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