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The four-semester Master's Degree program in Architecture, consisting of 120 ECTS credits, builds on knowledge acquired in the six-semester Bachelor's program. Alongside the central task of designing, the Master's program includes possibilities for specialization on various topics, accompanied by specialized elective courses. The specializations conclude at the end of one semester, so that parts of the degree can be carried out at other universities (in Austria or abroad.)

The study culminates with a master thesis in the fourth semester. Graduates are awarded the degree "Diplom-Ingenieurin" or "Diplom-Ingenieur", which corresponds internationally to a "Master of Science" (MSc). This title allows for the beginning of technical doctoral studies.

Course Registration for Civil Engineering Students

Students can register for lectures from the bachelor's and master's degree programmes themselves. To register for all other types of courses, such as UE, SE, PR, VU, etc., please contact the Dean's Office for Architecture directly and it will then be checked whether it is possible to register.