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Wartenstein Observation Tower

© Katharina Scharler, TU Graz


A project by the Institute of Structural Design in cooperation with proHolz Steiermark and the borough of Krottendorf-Gaisfeld

Krottendorf-Gaisfeld is a small borough in Western Styria. It was once home to an observation tower at the top of its Wartenstein hill; however, this tower was dismantled and removed many years ago. The borough council has wanted to replace the tower for some time and saw an opportunity for its replacement with proHolz Steiermark and the Institute of Structural Design. Four different designs for the tower were created, all taking into account the use of local resources and local companies as well as unusual site conditions (including a druid graveyard that is present on the apex of the hill.) A panel of local experts evaluated the designs including a civil engineer, architects, carpenters and local town councillors. They chose the “Serpentine” design from the international team consisting of Jelle Claes from Belgium and Teresa Lara Sanchez de Puerta from Spain. The final presentation took place in the town hall in Krottendorf-Gaisfeld. The project is now proceeding into phase two, where the design reaches out over the boundaries of a tower into a recreational area. The area around the top of the hill should be designed to make it appealing to a large number of people.

Student participants: Jelle Claes, Teresa Lara Sanchez de Puerta, Lukas Burgstaller, Constantin Conrad, Daniela Mrazek, Jana Rieth, Katharina Scharler, Daniel Seiwald, Gabriel Sieghartsleitner

Joshua P. Tapley