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Three situations are illustrated: The white head of a mannequin is wearing a hood with coloured electrodes. Two people sit in front of an open laptop. A hand in a white glove pushes a small black object into a white device.

RDM Team

Ilire Hasani-Mavriqi is head of RDM Team and Senior Researcher at Know-Center. She has a PhD., MSc. and BSc. in Computer Science from Graz University of Technology. She is coordinator of the BMBWF project FAIR Data Austria. Before joining the RDM Team she was working in several European-funded research- and industry-driven projects (e.g, AFEL, OpenUP, Learning Layers, APOSLDE, EPhras, interFact-Get it un, NetFiles, E-Government Kärnten). Her research interests include Research Data Management, Open Science, Web Science, Social Computing, Complex Networks, Agent Based Modelling and Computational Social Science.

Sarah Stryeck is deputy head of RDM Team and Senior Researcher at Know-Center. As project researcher in data stewardship, she is involved in the conception and development of services and policies for research data management. Sarah has a PhD in biochemistry (Medical University of Graz, 2019) and, before joining the RDM Team, she was involved in a variety of projects in the field of integrated structural biology and metabolism research. 

Hermann Schranzhofer is Project Senior Scientist and has his focus on Data Stewardship. Therefore he is involved in the development of services and policies for research data management. Hermann studied physics at the Graz University of Technology and finished his PhD in materials science at the Montanuni Leoben. Before he joined the RDM Team, he worked for 15 years at the Institute of Thermal Engineering at Graz University of Technology in research and development. His main focus was on simulations of energy systems including renewable energy and innovative thermal storage. In addition, he also carried out measurements in the laboratory and at demonstration plants.

Miguel Rey Mazón is a project manager of the IDEAS project and research assistant. Miguel has over 10 years experience in technology transfer (IP, spinouts, industry-academia collaborations) and other science management matters (coordination of EU proposals, research networks, etc.). He has a background in physics (PhD in condensed matter physics from the Universidad Autónoma in Madrid, Spain). Prior to joining the RDM Team his most recents jobs have been at the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance (eseia) in Graz and the University of Aberdeen (Scotland, UK).

Konrad Lang is a project assistant in the RDM Team. In his role he is involved in the development and deployment of services for various aspects of RDM. He has a Dipl.-Ing. (MSc) in Computer Science from the University of Salzburg. Before joining the RDM Team, Konrad was involved in a variety of projects at Know-Center with a focus on data management

Mojib Wali is a certified full stack developer with knowledge in various aspects of web development such as front-end and back-end and deployment of web applications. He has experience in multiple programming languages like Python, Java, Typescript, and databases including SQL & NoSQL. In his role at RDM Team, he is working alongside the research team, producing scalable software solutions and collaborating on the various layers of the infrastructure and application development for diverse projects. His interest areas include artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and data analytics.

Hardani Maulana is a full stack developer with experience in product development. He finished his Bachelor of Informatics at Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia) and Master of Informatics at Technical University of Munich (Germany). His working experiences include for a big corporate and also startups in various levels both in Indonesia and Germany. He is also interested in data science, artificial intelligence, and sports science. In the RDM Team he is involved in the implementation of machine-actionable Data Management Plans (maDMPs).

Ejmi Shkreli is a full stack developer with experience in software development. Her specialities include quickly learning new skills, problem solving, responsive design principles and website optimization. Skilled in Java, Javascript, HTML,CSS and SQL. Enthusiastically grabbing onto any other programming languages, frameworks, domains or principles. She has a Bachelor of Science focused in Software Development and Business Management from Graz University of Technology. She has a particular interest in Data Science and Business Intelligence. In the RDM Team she is currently involved in the maDMPs project in FAIR Data Austria.

Richard Hohensinner is a full stack developer with experience in various fields of Software Development. He accomplished his Bachelor of Science in Software Development and Business Management at University of Technology Graz and is currently finishing his Master of Science in Software Development and Management. Besides his studies he got experiences in Python, C, C++ and mechanical understanding of transmissions while working at the SW Passenger Car Transmission System department at AVL as well as experiences in Docker, Ansible and Web Apps while working at the Digital Industries Factory Automation - System Architecture & Security department at Siemens. Prior to working at TU Graz he also got experiences in Mobile Applications (Android & IOS) by learning on his own.

Claire Jean-Quartier is a research assistent involved in the IDE@S project. Focusing data science she has been engaged in interdisciplinary topics related to wet and dry biomedical research next to the aspect of sustainability. Her fascination for  natural and technical sciences lead to basic research involving all data steps from data generation, mining, processing to sharing and quality assurance. These experiences demonstrated the challenge for open science and the necessity of RDM.

Alexander Gruber is a project assistent in the RDM team. His responsibilities include data stewardship (consulting, training, policy development, etc.) and project management support for FAIR Data Austria. His main focus is the development of training and introductory material on RDM topics and tools, as well as the Data Champions programme. He has a Dipl.-Ing. (MSc) in Technical Physics from Graz University of Technology.

David Eckhard is a full stack developer with a special interest in building robust systems. He is currently writing his Master's thesis at University of Technology Graz within the field of Computer Science. Through his studies, previous work and side projects, he has gained experience in building secure, stable and scalable systems as well as easy to use interfaces.


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