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Dragonboat Race July 10, 2021

Photo appointment with Mayor Nagl for the University Cup 2021

Fotocredit ©StadtGraz/Fischer
Fotocredit © StadtGraz/Fischer

Kick-off INTERfaces / Aarhus, 22.-24. Jänner 2020

The H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN INTERfaces combines material science and protein engineering to design tailored enzymes and (bio-based) materials that will complement each other to obtain optimized heterogeneous biocatalysts. These tools will be applied to solve synthetic challenges in the use of two biobased monomers as starting materials to synthesize products for application fields like antioxidants and biopolymers.

"Von der Wissenschaft zur Innovation" - Ehrung der Erfinder und Erfinderinnen / 19. November 2019

"Von der Wissenschaft zur Innovation" - Ehrung der Erfinder und ErfinderInnen: TU Graz people_72_"Grazer Universitäten feierten ihre Geistesblitze"

Antrittsvorlesung Prof. Robert Kourist / 26. März 2019

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