Our Mission

The Institute of Molecular Biotechnology is part of the Faculty of Technical Chemistry, Chemical & Process Engineering and Biotechnology at the Graz University of Technology. Being one of the oldest Biotechnology Institutes in Austria, we focus on research and development topics related to advances of processes for the Biotechnology industry in Austria and abroad. Our main research thrusts are oriented towards
  • the development of new or improved microbial strains for the production of high-value compounds, which can be used in industrial processes,
  • the development of new DNA-based markers for chronic diseases and monitoring of the environment, respectively, and
  • the development of new Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics tools.
We educate the next generation of Biotechnologists, especially those working on molecular topics and in those studying the field of Computational Biotechnology. We are part of the NAWI Graz program, which allows students studying for instance Biotechnology, Biochemistry or aspects of Microbiology anywhere in Graz to attend courses and lectures offered by the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology for credit. We are also closely linked to the Austrian Centre for Industrial Biotechnology (ACIB) to the point that ACIB’s own laboratory is hosted at the same location, the Haus der Biokatalyse, as is our Institute. Our connection with ACIB strengthens our ability to work with our industrial partners and ensures a close connection between the academic and industrial aspects of our research. 

Institute of Molecular Biotechnology

Petersgasse 14
8010 Graz 

Eva-Maria Wochinz-Hubmann
Sprechstunde: Di-Do 9:00-11:00
Tel.: +43 316 873 4072

Daniela Lerchegger
Sprechstunde: Mi-Do 9:00-11:00
Tel.: +43 316 873 4073