Bachelor Programmes

Bachelor of Molecular Biology

The bachelor study programme in molecular biology imparts profound knowledge in microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry and biotechnology combined with fundamentals of zoology, botany, chemistry and physics. Future students must have a deep interest in the natural sciences, be curious and enjoy experimenting. They can expect a thorough theoretical as well as practical education and will be prepared to apply knowledge universally and interdisciplinary. This study is the basis for a variety of consecutive master study programmes. Graduates are awarded the academic degree “Bachelor of Science” (BSc).

Bachelor of Chemistry

The bachelor study programme in chemistry teaches the essential basics in chemistry. The main focus is on substance knowledge and the reactivity of chemical compounds. Furthermore, practical skills and analytical and mathematical thinking will be imparted. The joy in experimenting is an important prerequisite, but one should also master precise analysis as well as the documentation of facts. As the bachelor programme combines numerous aspects to a whole, it is a good preliminary stage to a consecutive master study programme.

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Our institute offers courses in the following Bachelor programmes.
Both courses are an cooperation with NAWI Graz.