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Team Pock

Vision, Learning and Optimization Group

Within the fruitful research environment of the Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision, the focus of our research is the development of mathematical models for computer vision and image processing in mobile scenarios as well as the development of efficient algorithms to compute these models. Our group consists currently of 5 PhD students and 4 PostDocs. Find out more about our research, our team and published software!

"Nothing is more practical than a good theory."
Kurt Lewin



  • Mar 7th: Our paper Real-Time Panoramic Tracking for Event Cameras has been accepted to ICCP 2017. Code can be found here.
  • Feb 28th: Our paper End-to-End Training of Hybrid CNN-CRF Models for Stereo has been accepted to CVPR 2017. Code can be found here.
  • Nov 2nd: Our BMVC paper Real-Time Image Reconstruction for Event Cameras using Manifold Regularisation has been selected to be included in a special issue of the International Journal of Computer Vision

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