Food Chemistry and Technology

Do you work in food processing or production? Do you want to extend your knowledge, increase your understanding of food chemistry processes, and learn more about current developments? Do you have an idea for an innovative product and wonder what you need to consider during implementation? In the university course “Food Chemistry and Technology”, experts share their comprehensive knowledge of food and food production.

Particularly small and medium sized businesses need to launch innovative and high quality products, because consumers attach increasing importance to buying high quality, regional foods. To provide such products, staff members require comprehensive knowledge – which you can acquire by participating in this university course.


Sensory Evaluation of Food: Basics

The sensory quality of foods is one of the most important factors influencing a consumer’s decision to buy, as this aspect makes an immediate impression. Sensory testing as an approved testing method is therefore increasing in importance in many areas of food production. This course provides you with an introduction to this field. You learn about the theory and practice of the fundamentals of human sensory perception, the most important testing methods and the most important frame conditions for sensory testing.


Sensory Evaluation of Food: Advanced

The sensory quality of food and consumer objects has become increasingly important over the last few years. Methods of sensory analysis and work with different sensory panels has opened up a wide scope of activities in food production, food product development, market research and more. The course “Sensory Evaluation of Food: Advanced” continues on from “Sensory Evaluation of Food: Basics”. You develop your knowledge of sensory perception, taking into account different questions from analytical sensory analysis and hedonic sensory analysis.