• on demand

Sample Preparation

  • Digestion (inorganic matrices)

  • Digestion (organic matrices)

  • Elution according to DEV - S4


1. Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (ET-AAS), Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (F-AAS):

2. Optical Atomic Emission Spectrometry with Inductive Coupled Plasma (ICP-OES):

3. Inductive Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS), Inductive Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry with Dynamic Reaction Cell (ICP-DRC-MS):

4. Semiquantitative analysis by ICP-OES for the elements (uncertainty: 20% RSD)

Ba, Cd, Cr, Fe, Li, Mn, Rb, Sr, Sc, Ti, V, Y, Zn //
Co, Cu, Hf, Mg, Mo, Nb, Ni, Ta, W, Zr //
Ca, Al, Ga, In, Ge, Pb, Se //
As, B, Bi, Na, K; Sn, Sb, Te, Tl //
P //
S //

5. Cold vapour (CV) AAS

  • Hg

6. Ionchromatography

  • chloride, bromide, nitrate, sulfate, nitrite

7. Further parameters

  • on demand

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