Recap Summer School

Starting from the 9th of July we had the pleasure to host the first edition of a summer school in cooperation with the University of Arkansas. The 15 participants from five different countries stayed in Graz for two weeks and got to learn about different topics in connection with the topic ‘Food Science and Culinary Arts to Maximize Food Quality’. The speakers gave their presentations in the morning sessions (For a detailed program see the event website). After a lunch break the participants got the opportunity to visit a lot of different Styrian companies that either produce or work with food. In the following gallery you can find a few impressions form the event. We are looking forward to the second edition next year at the University of Arkansas.
You can also find a short report about the summer school here...

First Day: Summer School Opening Ceremony

Second Day: Food Chemistry Basics and Excursions to Farina Flour Mill & Hygienicum Food Lab

Third Day: Food Analysis and Workshop at Anton Paar

Forth Day: Physical Chemistry and Cooking, Excursion to Oil Mill Fandler

Fifth Day: A Day in the Sensory Lab

Sixth Day: Fruit Processing and Excursion to Local Producer Breitenberger

Seventh Day: Food Trends and Excursions to Chocolate Producer Zotter and Weinbau Eibel

Eight Day: Flavor and Off Flavor Analysis and Excursion to Apple Producer Fauster

Ninth Day: Sustainability and Excursion to the College of Viticulture and Fruit Growing Silberberg

Tenth Day: Food Microbiology and Excursion to Vinegar and Mustard Producer Fischerauer

Eleventh Day: Final Cooking Event with Chef Johann Reisinger


‘For me it was an outstanding experience to share my passion for food with people from all over the world sharing the same interests. The summer school was well balanced between diverse lectures and excursions, which were very well organized with very interesting speakers from varied disciplines in the food world. It gave me even more sense and ambition to become a part of this fascinating world.’

(Hélène Temmerman, Belgium)

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