Instructions for Authors

Please submit your final 4-page extended abstract for the conference proceedings via the conference software until 01 August, 2022. You can do so by navigating to:Overview > Your Submissions and then selecting "Final Upload" in the column to the right of your already existing submission. We encourage you to use the provided abstract-template you already used for the initial abstract.
Location where to upload the final version

If you are preparing a long or flash presentation, please find our provided presentation template.

For those of you who will prepare a poster, please find our A0-poster template in the download section.

Handing in your presentation

Whether you are presenting your submission through a long presentation or a flash presentation, please make sure we have your powerpoint on time!

Powerpoint-files should be named in the following way: "plenary_*zero-padded_number*_*presenter_surname*.pptx".
Please replace *plenary_number* with the string "plenary" and the number of the session you are presenting in and *presenter_surname* with your surname. For example the powerpoint file for the presentation titled "Water quality modelling with rhodamine WT dye using EPA WASP in an urban drain in Thane, India" presented by Professor Kapil Gupta will be named: "plenary_04_gupta.pptx".

Before the conference you can send your presentation to us via email: The subject line should read: "SPN10 | presentation file *surname*".

During the conference, you will be able to hand in your presentation at the registration desk.

Printing your Poster

If you are presenting a poster but don't want to carry it to Graz, you can simply print it here! Right next to the conference venue there is a print shop that is open 8:00 am - 1:30 pm Monday - Friday. They will print your poster from pdf-file for around 18,- €.