Public transport network

Buy a ticket and off you go! Tickets are available at the following locations:

  • At the ticket machines in the trams. You can also pay with card here.
  • At the ticket machines located at Hauptbahnhof, Hauptplatz, Jakominiplatz, Liebenau Murpark
  • At local tobacconists
  • Online tickets can be purchased via the GrazMobil app for smartphones.
  • Tick­et shop of Holding Graz Linien

Good to know: All of Graz lies within tariff zone 101. This zone includes Graz Airport, meaning, your ticket purchased at the airport will take you anywhere in the City. Also good to know: The tickets are valid for the Schlossbergbahn funicular.

Tickets public transport Graz

Public transport network of Graz

Transport within the Historic City Centre

Public transport is free in the historic City Centre:

Free travel is available between the following stations:

  • Lines 1 + 7: between Südtiroler Platz + Kaiser-Josef-Platz
  • Lines 3 + 5: between Schlossbergplatz + Finanzamt or Dietrichsteinplatz
  • Lines 4+ 6: between Südtiroler Platz + Finanzamt or Dietrichsteinplatz
  • Lines 23: between Jakominiplatz + Dietrichsteinplatz

This is convenient since the stop "Dietrichsteinplatz" is within walking distance from the conference venue:

The stop "Schloßbergplatz/Murinsel" near the Schlossberg Restaurant, where the conference dinner will take place, is also within that range:

Map Altstadtbim

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Getting to the top of our Schloßberg

Apart from it offering a great view on the city, the Schlossberg in Graz is also site of our conference dinner. Here is some information on how to get there:

There are a few ways for getting up the small hill in the middle of Graz: A funicular, an elevator or by foot! While i prefer the route by foot, I understand not everybody wants to arrive at the Restaurant SCHLOSSBERG soaked in sweat and with a heart rate of 180.

Schlossberg Funicular & Schlossberg Elevator

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Schlossberg Funicular

The Schlossberg funicular is a small glass cabin that will carry you right to the Restaurant SCHLOSSBERG:
The price is included in your tram ticket, if you don't have one, it'll cost you 2,70 €.

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Schlossberg Elevator

The Schlossberg Elevator won't take you directly to the Restaurant SCHLOSSBERG, but more than halfway up! It'll take you to the Clock Tower, Graz' charismatic landmark. From there its only a short, gentle ascend by foot to the Restaurant. - And you'll get to walk by the castle! Definitely worth a try! The Elevator will cost you 2,00 €

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By foot

At the same place as where you can find the Schlossberg Elevator, the stairs start. You won't be able to miss them. This path I recommend. Especially during the evening hours with a low sun you'll have great views on the western part of the town with the surrounding hills and the river Mur. Its quite a long way up so take your time! (30 minutes should be plenty)

The Slide Graz

For the way down, Graz offers a special treat: The world´s tallest underground slide!

If you are interested you'll find further information here.