Scientific Committee

For their support in the scientific commitee, we would like to thank the following persons:

  • Alberto Campisano, Italy
  • Aminuddin Ab. Ghani, Malaysia
  • Darko Joksimovic, Canada
  • Dirk Muschalla, Austria
  • Francois Clemens, Netherlands
  • Günter Gruber, Austria
  • Jean-Luc Bertrand-Krajewski, France
  • Jeroen Langeveld, Netherlands
  • Jes Vollertsen, Denmark
  • Jörg Rieckermann, Switzerland
  • José Manuel de Saldanha Matos, Portugal
  • Kapil Gupta, India
  • Maria Viklander, Sweden
  • Maria do Céu Almeida, Portugal
  • Peter Vanrolleghem, Canada
  • Roni Penn, Israel
  • Simon Tait, UK
  • Thomas Ertl, Austria

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