Focus of Research

The BSCG addresses 2 problems, the defined aging of the batteries for the analysis of the long-term behavior, as well as the behavior of charged batteries in the case of crash load or under mechanical load (e.g. thermal runaway). The research laboratory is divided into 2 areas: the electrical, thermal and the mechanical area. In the electrical, thermal area, entire vehicle battery packs can be analyzed, cycled and aged. The mechanical area allows to perform innovative dynamic and quasi-static research tests with charged battery modules (up to 11kWh) and single battery cells (up to 0.8kWh) under laboratory conditions. This entire test environment is designed to stress batteries to the limit. Accordingly, great importance was attached to fire protection, extinguishing and safety precautions already in the planning phase and these were also coordinated and tested with various external experts, the Graz professional fire department and the Graz University of Technology plant fire department.

By specifically designing the infrastructure for these problems, the BSCG has the unique ability to map the entire research chain and deliver research results of the highest quality, as charged battery tests are possible under laboratory conditions. This research chain includes targeted battery aging, variable battery conditioning, mechanical analysis including dynamic loading of charged batteries under laboratory conditions, and battery supply and analysis after the research test. The research results thereby provide the input for validation of simulation models or verification of new battery concepts.

Research focus areas in the BSCG:

  • Mechanical characterization
  • Mechanical verification
  • Thermal cyclization and performance
  • Electrical conditioning, cyclization and aging
  • Defined aging: individually programmable and adaptable cyclization protocols
  • Analysis of long-term behavior
  • ​​​​​​​Safety consideration under different environmental influences (e.g. charging at low temperatures)
  • Behavior of charged battery in case of crash load or under mechanical stress
  • Characterization of mechanical properties of charged batteries under laboratory conditions
  • Analysis of the mechanical load limits