• The Battery Safety Center Graz, part of the Institute for Vehicle Safety at the Inffeldgasse Campus of Graz University of Technology, has an electro-thermal and a mechanical test environment on a total of 550 square meters of laboratory space with a technical environment.

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  • The weight of 42 tons, severe cold, extreme heat and accidents at 100 km/h: Our new laboratory tests how e-car batteries react in these conditions. At the Battery Safety Center Graz, we research the safety of traction batteries for electrified vehicles.

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  • We are a young, motivated team that wants to face new challenges every day.

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Battery Safety Center Graz

Climate change, sustainability, CO2 neutral: electromobility is a technology designed to make vehicles more environmentally friendly and efficient. In this context, lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are regarded as a key technology for battery storage and are finding increasing application as traction batteries for electrified vehicles. Despite advantages, traction batteries pose additional potential hazards, especially in the event of a vehicle crash, such as electrical hazards, e.g. electric shocks in the event of poor insulation after a crash or additional risk to emergency personnel, chemical hazards due to toxic components in the electrolyte and emissions in the event of a fire, and especially thermal hazards due to the risk of fire in the event of deformed battery cells and, subsequently, difficult-to-extinguish sources of fire in Li-ion batteries.

The declared goal of the Battery Safety Center Graz is to take batteries for e-vehicles to their load limits in a targeted manner, thereby generating valuable data on the safety of future electrical energy storage systems. The innovative testing possibilities under laboratory conditions make the center the only research facility of its kind in Europe.

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Institute for Vehicle Safety
Battery Safety Center Graz

Inffeldgasse 25MA
8010 Graz

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"Due to the constantly increasing requirements, the development of batteries is becoming increasingly complex. The role of battery safety is becoming all the more important in this context, and we are making a significant contribution to this with cooperative ventures in the field of testing and research such as the Battery Safety Center Graz presented jointly with Graz University of Technology."
Helmut List

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