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Climate Chambers

The climate chambers integrated in the BSCG allow charging and discharging of battery packs, modules and cells with individually programmable and adaptable cycling protocols. An e-storage system with power of 250 kW (0V...600 A and 12 V...1200 V), adjustable chamber temperatures to simulate different ambient temperatures (-40 °C...+90 °C) and battery temperature conditioning (-50 °C...+220 °C) realize defined battery aging and provide detailed information for battery performance analysis. The climate chambers were provided by AVL List GmbH in the course of a joint cooperation.


3 Climatic Chambers:
-40°C - +90°C
E-Storage System:
0 - 250kW
Battery Conditioning Unit:
-50°C - +220°C
Whole vehicle packs (modules, cells)
SOC: 0-100%

"In the climate chambers, we can put battery systems through their paces during the charging and discharging process. In the process, we can selectively age the batteries through individually programmable cycles and get detailed information to analyze battery performance manage."
Jörg Moser
Head of BSCG

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