BSCG/Test Benches/Presto


(PRess for Energy STorage Systems and Others)

A quasi-static hydraulic press designed and constructed at the Institute of Vehicle Safety enables principle tests to characterize the mechanical properties of charged and uncharged battery modules and individual battery cells and cell stacks. With a maximum travel of 400 mm at travel speeds from 0.05 to 6 mm/s and a maximum compression force of up to 420 kN with customizable impactors of various geometries and dimensions (nail, penetration, spherical, cylindrical, ...), PRESTO 420 enables the performance of specific novel quasi-static research tests. Measurements of temperatures at several positions of the DUT, cell voltages and currents, precise displacement measurements with micrometer accuracy and precise force measurements via load cells individually adapted to the force level (between 25-500 kN) provide information on the behavior of the battery even during short circuit and thermal runaway.

  • Max. Compressive force: 420 kN
  • Max. Travel: 400 mm
  • Travel speeds: 0.5 to 6 mm/s