BSCG/Test Benches/Ellmar


(Enhanced Load profiLe and iMpulse Acceleration Rig)

A test sled specially developed at the institute was designed to perform dynamic impact tests to generate force-displacement curves at different strain rates. An electric motor (nominal power 120 kW - overload operation approx. 200 kW) implements an almost stepless control of the sled speed and enables an acceleration of the sled (mass up to approx. 70 kg incl. battery or impactor) to a maximum speed of up to 30 m/s (108k m/h) over a total length of only 15 m. Due to the high energy input over the high test speed, special deceleration tests are possible, where pulses of 300 g over a period of time up to 15 m/s can be realized. Here, the battery is mounted on the sled and decelerated via special impactors and energy absorption systems. The enclosure constructed at the institute for the entire crash area in front of the 150-ton crash block, which is decoupled from the building and has an integrated ventilation system, enables tests to be carried out with fully charged battery cells and modules to analyze the short-circuit and thermal runaway behavior and to classify the hazard level of new battery concepts and prototypes. Special measurement technology enables the acquisition of sensor data with a recording rate of up to 100 kHz and several high-speed cameras and a specially designed lighting system provide high-resolution high-speed videos with over 1000 fps for detailed analysis of the battery system during the test.

  • Carriage speed: 30 m/s (up to 70 kg)
  • Carriage deceleration: up to 300 g over 15 ms
  • Force-displacement curves: up to 100 kHz
  • High speed videos: over 1000 fps HD