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E-Learning and Copyright

In the course of digitalisation the topic copyright has become more important for teachers and learners over the years. The copyright amendment of October 2015 facilitates the use of copied content but does not give answer to all questions. The Austrian association Verein Forum Neue Medien in der Lehre Austria, which has been led by the head of TU Graz Eductional Technology since autumn 2010, adresses this subject over many years and played a substantial role for the amendment. The association offers legal consultant in the subject of e-learning and law: "E-Learning und Recht". Most of the questions may be answered by the collection of FAQs. Registration is required to use the FAQ-service. Furthermore, our competences also covers the subject open educational ressources (OER) which is expressed in many representative and trendsetting projects such as L3T and the first Austrian MOOC-platform iMOOX. They have all in common that the content provided is free to use for educational purposes. Even more, we had essentially participated in developing the so called IST-Analyse zu freien Bildungsressourcen as well as the advanced training program called eDidactics. In this conntext meet our online course "E-Learning und Recht" (only in German) on iMooX platform. It deals with the following:
  • the Austrian copyright law
  • further relevant laws 
  • pirated copy
  • international copyright
  • plagiarism and quotation
  • downloads, streaming & sharing
  • online- & download-shops
  • social networks
  • blank media levy
  • copyright amendment 2015
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