Large-scale tests

Schwingungs- und Beschleunigungssensor
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Dehnungsmessungen an Brücke
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Fachwerk mit Dehnungssensoren
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Dehnungsmessung an Fundament
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The aim of large-scale tests is usually to avoid the influence of unknown scale effects. Due to the high costs involved, large-scale tests are usually carried out in very small numbers, often only one test. Therefore, it is particularly important to develop a reliable test concept with great significance.

Our large-scale tests are set up on the 200m² clamping field. We have developed a modular reaction wall system for the introduction of horizontal or inclined forces. In addition to the two "small" test cylinders with 1000 kN each and our 4MN test drive, force-calibrated clamping rods are also used in some cases for the introduction of forces.

For the planning of large-scale tests and for subsequent evaluation, accompanying simulations are always carried out using the finite element method.

In addition to displacement-, force- or deformation-controlled static tests, we also carry out large-scale tests with cyclic ("dynamic") loads.


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