Laboratory Regulations, Responsibilities and Work Safety

In addition to the existing house, safety and fire protection regulations of Graz University of Technology, special regulations are issued for work in the Laboratory for Structural Engineering (LKI).

The LKI Laboratory Regulations serve to define rules for the use of the laboratory by persons who are not in an employment relationship with the LKI. The laboratory regulations, the associated forms and the safety instructions can be found in the infobox!

Contact Persons / Deputies

Fire protection     Koitz
Safety representative     Holzschuster
Attachment microscope     Koitz / Serezlija
Beta 1000     Fülöp / Schmid
Clamping field and test stands     Koitz
Concreting station     Serezlija / Holzschuster
Crack depth measuring device     Fülöp / Schmid
Crack measuring loupes     Koitz / Schmid
Cube press     Serezlija / Koitz
Entrance     Holzschuster / Serezlija
Fibre orientation inductive     Serezlija / Koitz
Formwork, circular saw     Serezlija / Holzschuster
Hand machines, tools     Holzschuster / Koitz
Hydraulics - testing machines, hand hydraulics     Koitz
Manipulation     Holzschuster / Koitz
Measuring technology     Fülöp / Schmid
Mercury - digital 3D image correlation     Fülöp / Schmid
Mixers - Skako, Eirich, Zyklos     Serezlija / Koitz
Photo cameras, video cameras     Fülöp / Schmid
Rebound hammer     Serezlija
Robot     Koitz / Schmid
Romer measuring arm      Koitz / Fülöp
Roughness measuring device     Holzschuster
Sandblasting     Holzschuster / Serezlija
Shimadzu AG-50     Fülöp / Schmid
Storage     Serezlija / Holzschuster
Tear frame     Fülöp / Schmid
Tensile adhesion tester     Serezlija
Test engineering components     Koitz
Torsion test stand     Fülöp / Schmid
Welding station, plasma cutting     Holzschuster / Koitz
Workshop, band saw     Holzschuster / Koitz

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