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The Laboratory for Structural Engineering is an organisational unit primarily concerned with experimental research in the subjects of structural analysis, concrete construction, steel construction and timber construction. The top priority is the constant further development of experimental methods in structural engineering and the bundling of expertise in this field. This ensures first-class research results at the respective institutes of structural engineering.

The size of this department entails an unbelievable variety of tasks, and accordingly the laboratory is designed for the greatest possible flexibility with regard to its experimental and measurement equipment. Experiments are carried out with the highest precision on almost any scale. In addition, it often makes sense to carry out experiments or measurements directly on the building structure.
In addition to basic and application-oriented research in the classical subjects, the Laboratory for Structural Engineering also focuses on innovative construction methods and new building materials. In this area, there is close cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture, which led to the installation and founding of the joint Robot Design Lab in 2009.


Laboratory for Structural Engineering
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