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Institute for Technical Informatics


Research Areas

Embedded Automotive Systems

The Embedded Automotive Systems group, headed by Prof. Dr. Marcel Baunach, investigates the design, implementation, and test of operating systems, multi-core architectures, and wireless networks within the automotive domain.
> Embedded Automotive Systems


The HW/SW codesign group, headed by Ass.-Prof. Dr. Christian Steger, deals with embedded systems, HW/SW codesign, and power awareness.
> Hardware/Software-Codesign

Industrial Informatics

Industry oriented topics. Tackling needs and challenges in complex and critical systems engineering, practical approaches to Functional Safety and Secuity, technology, quality, process improvement, and compulsory standards. Plus dedicated industry courses on Functional Safety and Automotive Integrated Quality.
> Industrial Informatics

Networked Embedded Systems

The Networked Embedded Systems working group, headed by Prof. Dr. Kay Römer, investigates design, implementation, and test of sensor networks, Internet of Things, and Cyber-Physical Systems with special emphasis on networking and software engineering aspects.
> Networked Embedded Systems

Smart Systems

The Smart Systems group, headed by Dr. Eugen Brenner, deals with new challenges in technology arisen by the changing paradigm from product orientation to service orientation and towards more intelligent, that is smart systems.
> Smart Systems

Education and Training

Teaching at the university has a series of demands and obligations. The institute contributes to a number of different studies for both undergraduate and graduate, as well as postgraduate students. It also offers courses for Life Long Learning. Teaching is mainly guided by our research and represents all aspects thereof.
> Education and Training