• The Institute of Technical Informatics offers research and education on modern networked embedded systems (such as Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems) with focus on software, hardware, and networking. The four working groups at the Institute make significant contributions to increasing the reliability, real-time capability, safety and efficiency of these systems. More about the institute

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  • Showcasing a selection of successfully completed projects in the course "Mobile Computing Lab" in SS'22 at TU Graz. The students used a wide range of smartphone’s sensor signals, trained and optimized machine learning models, designed a compelling UI, and finally develop useful and powerful Android apps. More often than not the app idea belongs to a student! Congratulation on the fantastic outcome!

  • Research at the institute is focused on the investigation of computer architectures for "embedded real-time systems", i.e., on specialized computer architectures which are designed to integrate performance, predictability and intelligent behavior. More information

  • The education focus is on foundations of Computer Engineering, Real-time Systems, Distributed Systems, Functional Safety, and Pervasive Computing. The institute significantly contributes to the courses of study in Information and Computer Engineering (previously Telematics), Electrical Engineering, Informatics, and Software Engineering. More information

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