Hans List Fonds Winner

We are pleased to announce that our colleague Fikret Bašić has been awarded the Hans List Fonds scholarship by AVL GmbH for the outstanding work on his dissertation on "Enabling Secure and Wireless Battery Management Systems". Congratulations to this success and all the best for your career as a PostDoc at our institute!

The Hans List Fonds scholarship was established with the goal of encouraging and supporting excellent graduates from all Styrian universities following the memories of the late AVL founder Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans List. Six scholarships are granted each year: two for master’s theses and four for dissertations, funded with 3000€ and 5000€ respectively. To apply for this scholarship, students have to write an essay explaining why their thesis is important in the areas of innovation, benefits to the environment, and usability. More information on the scholarship can be found here.

November 2023

Didaktik-Werkstatt 2023

ZertifikatUeberreichung 16.10.2023
© Foto Fischer

On October 16, the closing ceremony of the Didaktik-Werkstatt – a series of didactic workshops organized by the Science Space Styria in collaboration with all Styrian universities – took place. It was a pleasure to hear that both Hannah Brunner and Fikret Bašić from our institute were among the three candidates from Graz University of Technology who received the certificate for successfully completing this year’s the didactics program. Congratulations!

In order to receive the certificate, it was necessary to successfully complete at least three different workshops and participate in an online discussion phase for three weeks concerning different didactics topics.  The workshop topics are dynamic and change each year: in 2023, it was possible to expand the knowledge and skills by learning how to apply blended learning in modern classrooms, how to efficiently prepare exams, which methods are available to improve student engagement, which approaches to use for visualisation in teaching, how to train your voice, and more.

We would like to emphasize the importance of continuous training in university didactics, as tools and methods are constantly evolving and it is our responsibility to strive for the best learning outcomes for our students.

October 2023

ITI Award Winners - October 2023

The first ever ITI Student Excellence Award was granted during the BSc/MSc theses topics presentation in October.
Congratulations to the winners: Ahmed Ahmed, David Beikircher, and Maximilian Ogris! 
We wish you all the best for the future and continued success with your studies. 

The next ITI Award will be presented in March 2024 and you can nominate yourself until 15 February 2024. You can find more details here.

October 2023

Bachelor/Master Theses Topics - WS 23/24

Here are a few impressions from the presentation of our BSc/MSc theses topics on 10 October.
Thank you all for coming! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and if you have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know.

Are you interested in doing a thesis/project with us but could not attend this event? Check out the list of open topics here.
If you already have your own idea for a thesis or project, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to discuss your ideas and the possibilities of turning them into a thesis/project.

October 2023

Best Paper Award at EWSN'23

The latest research results of ITI's LENS group were in the spotlight at the 20th International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks (EWSN'23) hosted in Rende, Italy.

Eight researchers from the Low-power Embedded Networked Systems (LENS) group have attended the conference and successfully presented several papers, posters, and live demonstrations.
In particular, BLoB and InSight were selected among the three best paper nominees, and BLoB ultimately received the best paper award!

September 2023

Highlights from the Mobile Computing Lab

Olga Saukh‘s Mobile Computing Lab is one example of courses at ITI where students can really get creative: while working on their own programming project, students learn the basics required for developing innovative smartphone applications. This includes knowledge about signals and data that smartphones can gather, as well as the mathematical tools necessary to process the data, such as signal processing and machine learning.

A highlight of this year’s student demos is COFFECTLY by Theo Gasteiger: coffee enthusiasts will understand the importance of shot timing in the extraction of a perfect Espresso. COFFECTLY is a novel iOS application that enables automatic shot timing as well as coffee brand classification, based on acceleration measurements. You can find the videos of Theo’s and other student demos here.

July 2023

New job advertisement

The research group on Intelligent & Networked Embedded Systems at the Institute of Technical Informatics of Graz University of Technology (Austria) is looking for a highly qualified Postdoc (university assistant with doctorate) to reinforce its research and teaching activities. More information here

May 2023

ITI Student Excellence Award

Have you completed 10 or more courses at ITI and earned a “Very Good (1)” in at least 4 of them? - Apply for the ITI Student Excellence Award and win!

Twice a year we will honor top students in their BSc and MSc studies at a special award ceremony. Information on the application process and deadlines can be found here.  

April 2023

Best Poster Award at the Second Otto Nußbaumer Workshop

This year, numerous ITI PhD students again attended the Otto Nußbaumer Workshop on Information and Communication Technology at Retzhof Castle to present their work, and we are happy to announce that, also this year, an award was given to a PhD student from our institute: Congratulations to Elisabeth Salomon for winning the Best Poster Award!

April 2023

Bachelor / Master Theses Topics Presentation

On Tuesday, March 7, we presented our Bachelor / Master Theses topics for the summer semester 2023. You will find open thesis topics and additional information here.
We are always looking for highly motivated students, so feel free to contact us with your own idea as well.

March 2023

Best Paper Award at the International Workshop on Energy Harvesting & Energy-Neutral Sensing Systems

Congrats to Hannah Brunner and her colleagues for receiving the Best Paper Award at the International Workshop on Energy Harvesting & Energy-Neutral Sensing Systems (ENSsys'22) in Boston, USA.  Link to the paper.

November 2022

Mobile Computing Lab

Showcasing a selection of successfully completed projects in the course "Mobile Computing Lab" in SS'22 at TU Graz. The students used a wide range of smartphone’s sensor signals, trained and optimized machine learning models, designed a compelling UI, and finally develop useful and powerful Android apps. More often than not the app idea belongs to a student! Congratulation on the fantastic outcome!

July 2022

Best Presentation Award

Professor Kubin presents the certificate to Leandro Ribeiro

This semester's PhD student seminar and the "First Otto Nußbaumer Workshop on Information and Communications Engineering" at Retzhof Castle (Bildungshaus Retzhof) ends with a great achievement: Leandro Ribeiro wins the best presentation award. Congratulations!

Thanks also to Prof. Gernot Kubin presenting the award.

You can download his presentation here

April 2022

New Doctoral Training Program

For a new doctoral training program on Dependable Electronic-Based System we are recruiting five new PhD Students. Link

November 2021

Double success at the SciPix competition

The Institute of Technical Informatics not only conducts research at the highest international level, but also recently attracted attention at the TU Graz internal photo competition "SciPix" by bringing research closer to a broad audience. In the category "Audience Winner" the photos of Philipp Stelzer (1st prize) and the Embedded Automotive Systems Group (2nd prize) were voted 1st and 2nd by a broad audience. SciPix

1. Price: This is a platform equipped with various sensors for environment perception. With the help of the flash LiDAR sensors, safety concepts were tested and analysed in the event of malfunctions or system failures. Hardware/Software Codesign

2. Preis: The Spinning Wheel is based on a rotating row of LEDs. The EAS Group developed both the processor and the operating system. The research focus is on reconfigurable hardware and modular software, which can both be updated during operation. Embedded Automotive Systems

Ocotber 2021

Two best paper awards at IEEE DCOSS'21

Great success of ITI at IEEE DCOSS'21, as NES researchers received the best paper award in the main conference and in the UrbCom'21 workshop.

Link to  conference
Link to workshop

July 2021


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