Industrial Informatics

The Industrial Informatics working group is oriented towards industry needs tackling challenges in technology, process improvement, and new compulsory standards. While products and solutions in automotive, automation, and IT services get more and more complex due to customer expectations, development cycle times are ever shrinking. It is not any more possible to build systems by combining artifacts separately developed by specialists. Systems have to be engineered in integrated design processes, across distributed supply chains, keeping track of any changes arising in an agile manner. Further complexity is added by additional compulsory standards to be followed for safety and security properties for products and critical infrastructure, as demanded by the modern society.

Group members

Georg Macher
(Group Leader)
Romana Blažević
PhD student
Omar Veledar
Postdoc researcher
Thomas Krug
PhD Student
Thomas Faschang



Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. BSc MBA Georg Macher
Institute of Technical Informatics