About us

The Institute of Technical Informatics offers research and education on modern networked embedded real-time systems including software, hardware, and networking aspects. These systems form an integral part of the modern society and can be found in cars, factories, plants, buildings, or homes. Research at the institute therefore focusses on making these systems more reliable, real-time enabled, safe, secure, and efficient. Education covers foundations of computer engineering, embedded systems, real-time systems, distributed systems, safety, and pervasive computing. The institute maintains strong ties to industry and to the international research community.

The institute was founded in 1987 with founding director O.Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhold Weiß. After his retirement 2013, Prof. Dr. Kay Römer took over the lead and further development of the institute. Since its foundation, the institute was involved in more than 80 research projects, and has graduated about 100 doctoral students and supervised more than 400 masters theses. Many of the alumni of the institute hold leading positions in academia and industry.

About 50 staff members are currently employed by the six working groups of the institute: