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Institute for Technical Informatics



Automotive Multi-Core

Multi-Core "Researching on the foundations and practical application of novel operating systems concepts and processor architectures for dynamically composed embedded multi-core systems with hard real-time constraints.
> Automotive Multi-Core

Automotive Quality Universities

AQU-AutoUniverse - Automotive Quality Universities
> Automotive Quality Universities


Contactless Security Controllers for Industry 4.0
> CSC4

Dependable Internet of Things

Dependable Internet of Things in Adverse Environments
> Dependable Internet of Things


Development of a high precision optical edge detectors to identify edges of objects in the light path.


Seamless model based design for Automotive Safety Systems, also addressing traceability, tool integration, and multicore systems.
> Memcons

Programmable Matter

Programmable matter is an innovative material whose physical properties can change on-demand by reprogramming the small particles it is composed of.
> Programmable Matter


The SCOTT (Secure COnnected Trustable Things) project will provide comprehensive cost-efficient solutions of wireless, end-to-end secure, trustworthy connectivity and interoperability to bridge the last mile to market implementation.


Software architecture refactoring and introduction of professional software development methods in VECTO tool development. VECTO is a fuel consumption and CO2 emission simulation tool for Heavy Duty Vehicles. It is to be incorporated into a European Comission legislative.
> Vecto

Vehicular Networks

Researching the foundations and practical application of self-organizing radio protocols for massively dynamic networks of mobile devices.
> Vehicular Networks