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Embedded Architectures & Systems (EAS)

We research on hardware and software for highly dependable and sustainable embedded systems. Novel processor architectures and operating systems for future vehicles, advanced robotics, and the IoT are just some examples.

Hardware/Software Codesign

Our group deals with embedded systems, HW/SW codesign, and power awareness. We work on scientific topics in national and European projects in close cooperation with partners from industry.

Industrial Informatics (i3)

Our research group focuses on functional safety, cyber-security, servitization in industrial contexts, dependable embedded systems engineering, and high quality development processes in the automotive, automation, and Industry 4.0 domains.

Intelligent and Networked Embedded Systems (INES)

This research group covers the key ingredients for a dependable and sustainable IoT, and includes three closely collaborating teams focussing on low-power wireless networking, embedded machine learning and sensing, and cognitive products which combine these ingredients in reliable industrial applications:

Low-Power Embedded Networked Systems (LENS)

We are working on future connected wireless embedded systems to make them more dependable and sustainable. Our research activities are at the intersection of wireless networking, embedded systems, and IoT applications.

Embedded Learning and Sensing Systems (ELSS)

We are working on the development of AI-powered embedded systems. We believe in "less is more" and "small can be mighty" when it comes to running deep models on resource-constrained devices.

Cognitive Products

Cognitive products perceive their environment, analyze it, reason about it, make well-informed decisions, and adapt to the situation to fulfill a higher goal. We explore and research the required technological building blocks to realize them together with industry partners.