PV from above.

Dynamic power control of PV systems (in this study, power control is assumed to be e.g. 70% of the installed module power) as grid-effective feedback power can be a measure to support the climate and energy goals in the area of PV expansion.

The aim of this study is, on the one hand, to quantify the fraction of the potentially generated annual amount of energy that is lost due to the dynamic power control of the PV system. On the other hand, it should be estimated how many more PV systems can be connected to the grid through dynamic power control and how the total amount of energy generated will develop as a result. The effects of this measure for the individual network customers (including economic presentation) are being worked out. In addition, an economic consideration of the alternatively necessary grid expansion if the PV penetration exceeds the technical limits of the existing grid without dynamic power control is compared.

Project duration

  • Start: 06.2023
  • End: 11.2023

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