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If you are interested in lectures (LVs) at our institute, we recommend attending the first lecture period, which will take place at the beginning of each semester. There you will be informed about the lecture and how it is organised. If you plan to attend a course at the IEE, we ask for appropriate registration via TUG online (e.g.: with your personal university ID card). This way, new information will be automatically updated and you will be granted access to the TU Graz TeachCenter.

The TeachCenter is a teaching platform, which manages the interaction between students and teachers. Course news is announced on the TeachCentre notice board and relevant course documents can also be downloaded. The TeachCenter also provides additional course-related documents and possibilities to contact the teacher (e.g.: forum).

Preliminary course meeting

The preliminary lecture meeting will be held at the beginning of each semester in lecture hall Hörsaal i1, Inffeldgasse 18. For further information, please contact one of our assistants.

Lecture notes and learning tools

The documents related to the lectures are provided. In order to improve our service for the students, information on the coursework will be updated regularly via the TU Graz TeachCenter. You can access the TeachCenter directly from your TUGonline account, where information on all your lectures are available.

  • News on lectures is announced on the "bulletin board”.
  • In the "administration"-section, you can find the content of the course, lecture dates as well as current exam dates.
  • The respective presentations will be published in the "documents"-section.
  • Additional information such as links or other relevant documents are available in the "teaching and learning aids" section.
  • You can contact lecturers and ask questions about the course via the lecture forum.

Instead of sending out documents and passwords for the download of documents, students are now requested to "actively collect" the information for the course. The lecturers keep the information up-to-date in the TeachCenter.

The IEE-lecturers wish you success with your studies and hope you enjoy the lectures!

Study Programs

New study programs were developed for the electrical engineering degree, which is divided into Bachelor and Master Studies. The current studies are:

You can find more information on the website of the deanery or the website of the TU Graz. For further questions, please contact Prof. Stigler or our assistants.


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