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Climate change, sustainable energy production and the digital transformation are central challenges facing science, business and society. Thanks to the interdisciplinary education, graduates of the IEE can successfully solve complex technical-economic problems.

Eva-Maria Scherfranz

PProject Engineer at VERBUND

The Master's Degree Programme in Electrical Engineering and Business offers an exciting challenge: You can alternate between business and technical subjects and, at the same time, receive the perfect preparation to enter the professional world. The focus is clearly in the field of electrical engineering, and this allows you to differentiate yourself significantly from those in other programmes. This degree programme provides excellent and broad specialised knowledge which gives you a ticket to enter all sorts of industries.

Michael Puttinger

Graduate in the Master's programme in Electrical Engineering and Business

Already during my master’s studies in Electrical Engineering and Business, I had the chance to deal scientifically and professionally with energy issues in Africa. In an effort to accelerate energy innovations, I moved my workplace to a sailing boat. In my projects and travels, I work on solar pumping systems and take wind measurements in the oases of Egypt, on floating photovoltaic systems in the Maldives, and take measurements of ocean and solar parameters while conducting economic feasibility studies on islands in the Indian Ocean, among many other things.

Josip Tomic

Graduate in the Master's programme in Electrical Engineering and Business

The energy transition and all of the resulting challenges have really sparked my interest in electrical engineering. Taking part in the degree programme allowed me build up a broad knowledge base that I can then use to help solve problems the energy industry will encounter in the future.

Graduates of this interdisciplinary and practically relevant degree can pursue a wide variety of careers.


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