APG Masterplan 2030 – Market Simulations

In 2009, the Austrian TSO Austrian Power Grid (APG) published a master plan regarding the network development until 2020. Due to drastic changes in the European electricity economy, such as the phasing out of nuclear production in Germany and Switzerland for example, and the installation of more RES power plants like PV and wind power, this plan had to be adapted. Thus, the new master plan 2030 was formulated and published in 2012 (cf. APG 2013). Although it is an Austrian network development plan, it is important to also consider the surrounding European electricity system and the simulations have therefore been performed using ATLANTIS.
Prior to the simulations the worldwide framework conditions as well as the European development goals and legal guidelines were investigated. Based on those outcomes, different scenarios have been defined and the market as well as load flow simulations have been run for a base case. Each simulated month was divided into four load cases (peak, peak with high usage of pumped-storage power plants, off-peak, off-peak with high usage of pumped-storage power plants), which results in 48 annual load flow calculations. At the beginning of each year, the coverage of the peak load was checked for the winter and summer period. Consequently, 50 load flows/year need to be calculated, which amounts to 1000 load flow calculations within the period 2011–2030. In addition, selected extreme cases have been calculated for the years 2015, 2020, 2025 and 2030. For example, Fig. 8 shows the result of DC load flow for a “cold winter” case with low hydro-power generation in the alpine region, low wind generation in Northern Europe and a peak load demand in Austria. The simulations show that future network congestions could occur on selected 220kV lines and that the new/planned 380 kV overhead lines “Steiermarkleitung” and “Salzburgleitung” could improve the situation significantly.

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