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Protection Diagnostics

The OMICRON CMC 256 is a high-precision test instrument with which various protective relays such as electromechanical, static or numerical can be checked. Due to its high accuracy, it can also be used as a calibrator.

Test equipment for earthing and overhead line systems

For example, the OMICRON CPC 100 and the associated OMICRON CP CU1 matching transformer can be used to measure the impedance of cables and overhead lines, earth impedances as well as on-site voltage and contact voltages.

Ground measurement systems

For the implementation of grounding measurements, two different measuring systems are available at the Institute of Electrical Systems and Networks:

  • IRIS Instruments Syscal Kid Switch 24
  • Chauvin Arnoux CA 6472 Grounding Case with Pylon Box CA 6474

It can be used to measure earth resistivity, earth leakage resistance, earth resistance, and earth pole measurements on overhead power pylons.

Installation tester and insulation testers

The Institute of Electrical Power Systems of Graz University of Technology has measurements available for on-site measurements and, for training purposes, the following installation testers for testing protective devices in low-voltage systems:

  • FLUKE 1654B

In addition, the institute has the following measuring equipment for checking the electrical insulation:


Field analyzers (electric and magnetic field) including long-term data loggers

For the metrological detection of field strengths (E and H field) our institution is u.a. the following measuring equipment available:

  • NARDA EHP-50F (up to 400 kHz)
  • NARDA EF-0391 (up to 400 kHz)
  • GIGAHERTZ Solutions NFA 1000 with external battery packs (up to 1 GHz)
  • WAVECONTROL SMP2 (up to 400 kHz)

Furthermore, these measuring systems allow an evaluation according to the current standards, regulations and guidelines with regard to EMC.

Power Quality Analyzer, Handheld FFT Voltmeter and Handheld Scopes

For on-site analysis of voltage quality, including the acquisition of time-varying electrical quantities (such as current, voltage, power), the following devices are available to the institute:

  • FLUKE 199C Scopemeter color
  • FLUKE 123 Scrapemeter
  • METRIX ScopiX OX 7104-C
  • FLUKE 43B Power Quality Analyzer

Furthermore, an OMICRON CP AL1 and an OMICRON HGT1 are available for measuring step and touch voltages in different frequency ranges.

Multi-channel measuring systems and data loggers

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With the mobile, multiple existing modular data acquisition systems from DEWETRON, up to 32 signals can be recorded with each device and evaluated on site. The system includes, among others:

  • DEWETRON 2600
  • DEWETRON 3010
  • DEWETRON DEWE-30-16 (Expansion rack)
  • DEWETRON ELOG-550 (Energy Data Logger)
  • DEWETRON ELOG-570 (Power Network Analyzer)

With the help of this measuring system voltages can be recorded directly and currents via external peripheral devices such as current clamps or Rogowski coils. The assortment of existing current clamps ranges from a nominal current of 5 A to 1000 A. Measurements of up to 1 kA can be carried out with the Rogowski coils with an integrated measuring amplifier with arrangements whose circumference does not exceed 5 m.

Weather station (pyranometer with temperature sensor) and long-term data recording

With many measuring tasks it is necessary to measure the weather conditions with it. For this purpose, the institute owns the measuring system of Delta-T Devices

  • the SPN1 pyranometer and the
  • GP2 Data Logger as well as the EML SS1 sensor protection

to protect the temperature sensor from solar radiation, precipitation and wind.
With the aid of this measuring system, it is possible to detect the global radiation consisting of the horizontal radiation and diffuse radiation as well as the ambient temperature over a longer period of time (for example a full calendar year).

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