Certification of power generation plants according to TOR generator

Due to the importance of electrical energy, it is necessary to create certain guidelines that guarantee its quality and also ensure supply reliability. The most important regulation for the European Union, which was published in the last years for the grid connection of power generation plants, is the regulation "Requirement for Generators", short "RfG", which represents a unification of the guidelines of the European power generation companies. It includes a large number of different specifications, both on technical framework conditions and on the way in which plants are certified. In Austria, the grid connection requirements are reflected in the TOR Erzeuger A, B, C and D.

The Institute for Electrical Power Systems is intensively involved in the topic of conformity verification, the way in which technical requirements can be proven in the best possible way both by tests and simulations, and the effects of different methods.

Untersuchung der FRT-Fähigkeit eines Hydrogenerators aufgrund der TOR-Richtlinien
Investigation of the FRT capability of a hydro generator based on the TOR directive
Confirmity investigation of small hydropowerplants regarding grid code compliance test
Conformity investigation of type 3 doubly fed induction generator wind power plant regarding grid code compliance tests

Investigation of the FRT capability of a hydro generator based on the TOR directive
Guidelines for the proof of conformity in Austria (RKS-AT)

Requirements for Generators (RfG)
TOR-Erzeuger Typ A
TOR-Erzeuger Typ B
TOR-Erzeuger Typ C
TOR-Erzeuger Typ D
System Operation Guideline (SO GL)


Dipl. Ing. Darko Brankovic