Grounding and personal safety

Earthing/Grounding: The generation, distribution and use of electrical equipment must be safe and meet a minimum standard set in numerous national and international regulations.We are working on making the systems safer in many areas, in other words, that people are not exposed to dangerous contact voltages and that there are no hazards to the equipment.Errors, switching over voltages, or lightning strikes cause electrical currents to be dissipated into the ground through a system of conductors. Not only do we work with current national and international standards, we also develop methods and applications that go beyond the state of the art, helping to shape the energy system of the future.

Precautions: The development and improvement of protection measures in new application areas is part of our research task.

Electrical and magnetic fields of electrical power systems:  Each electrical system emits electrical and magnetic fields depending on the current and voltage. On the one hand, these fields can disturb sensitive devices and also cause internal electric field strengths in human bodies, which must be limited according to current standards and guidelines. We are working on the possibilities of evaluating these fields of railway systems, substations and high-voltage lines and are showing reduction measures.

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