Examination dates

written exam date 31.01.2023, 10:00 - 12:00, Lecture hall I7: GEE/EE1/EE2/GEE/Pl u Betrieb/Switching
written exam date 28.02.2023, 10:00 - 12:00, Lecture hall I7: GEE/EE1/EE2/GEE/Pl u Betrieb/Switching

oral exam date 21.11.2023, 16:30, Library: Elektrische Energiesysteme 1
oral exam date 21.11.2023, 16:00, Library: Elektrische Energiesysteme 2

Registration via TU Graz online necessary

Basically, students can select from 6-8 examination dates per year or 3-4 examination dates per semester. The examination is usually a written examination. Any special arrangements can be made after consultation.
More examination dates can be found on TUGonline.

Examination mode

Examination mode
"Basics of Electrical Power Systems (432.000)",
"Electrical Power Systems 1 (432.002)",
"Electrical Power Systems 2 (432.003)",
"Planning and Operation of Electrical Power Systems (432.119)",

  • The exam takes place in written form, with exam dates available online.
  • Time duration for the exam: 2,5 h
  • For the courses "Electrical Energy Systems 1 (432.002)" and "Electrical Energy Systems 2 (432.003)", if the written examination is passed, an oral examination will take place in the Institute Library (HS01082, Inffeldgasse 18, 1st floor) approximately one week after the announcement of the results. The exact date will be announced at the time of the written examination.
  • The written examination consists of theory questions and calculation examples for Fundamentals of Electrical Power Systems (432.000) and for Planning and Operation of Electrical Power Systems (432.119), and calculation examples for Electrical Power Systems 1 (432.002) and for Electrical Power Systems 2 (432.003). A practice script is available at the Teach Center or upon request at the secretary's office; the appendix of this practice script (formulas and tables, if available) will be handed out during the written exam and is thus available during the exam. The written exam is based on the examples of the exercise script, but these do not claim to be complete. Learning the material from the lecture notes for the exam is therefore strongly recommended!
  • If desired, for of the mentioned courses an additional oral exam can be arranged in the secretariat if the written exam is positive (up to two weeks after the results of the written part are announced).
  • The exam does not allow any tools that allow viewing documents (eg laptop, mobile phone, TI NSPire).

Prof. Robert Schürhuber

Registration for the examination

  • The registration/ deregistration for examinations has to be done via TUGOnline. You need to Log in first at the TUGonline.
  • In order to sign up for an exam, you need to click ‘register now’ next to the appropriate course.
  • The exam registration is done solely via the Internet.
  • If you have questions or problems with the registration please contact our secretary (jasmine.kadhimnoSpam@tugraz.at)

Place of Examination

Due to numerous applications, several lecture halls are reserved in advance for the examinations. The exact allocation of the lecture hall for the exam can only take place after the deadline and and it is therefore requested to check the auditorium in the TUGonline shortly before the examination..

Examination results

Results can be accessed at the "Exam Results" section in your personal business card at the TUG Online.

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