Advanced Automated Emergency Control Strategy for Embedded VSC-HVDC Links

Figure: Outer control loop of the VSC converter. Highlighted parts are the changes to the general control loop

This paper proposes an advanced emergency control strategy for embedded VSC-HVDC links after AC disturbances, such as line tripping and generation loss. The control goals are to minimize the impact of the disturbance on the AC-network, which includes improving the long-term voltage stability with utilizing possible unloading capacity of parallel AC elements. The proposed algorithm is evaluated against other control strategies for embedded VSC-HVDC links by applying it to a simple demonstration network. The test system includes all necessary VSC converter dynamics, the VSC-HVDC link current and voltage limits and simple load recovery characteristics for an evaluation of the long term voltage stability. The simulation results are explained and the advantages of the proposed emergency control strategy are discussed.

Figure: Demonstration grid for control behaviour

The paper results from a cooperation with Prof. Olof Samuelsson of Lund University. It is published in the journal e & i.

Link: 10.1007/s00502-020-00831-8