The demand for a new waste recovery centre concept in Styria is certainly no small challenge with regard to design and regional planning. A binding building typology for waste recovery centres does not exist; there are only frame conditions related to functional and logistical requirements in place. In the past few decades, waste recovery centres have turned into a booming business that has nothing more to do with the stereotype of a tin-roofed rubbish tip. Waste materials are treated as a recyclable and usable resource, and within a comfortable distance of the individual household, a substantially potent business sector has emerged that is essentially based on the organised collection of waste materials. Hence, how do we develop a novel waste recovery centre that will cater to a particular catchment area and its relevant locational synergies within a new communal context? How do we design a building that will allow for a wider range of public and collective functions? And which additional functions and appropriate spatial and landscape-related points of identity and orientation will that centre be able to offer as a regional venue? 

Project duration:
2015 – 2016

Porvince of Styria, Office of the Regional Government of Styria, Department 14, Water Management, Resources and Sustainability

Project management:
Hans Gangoly, Institute of Design and Building Typology, TU Graz
Willibald Fürst

Project partnerships:
Province of Styria

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