In the Alpe-Adria region, there is a substantial lack of academic training in the area of arts and creative industries. In response to that, the EU-funded project “Advancing Digital and Regional Interactions in Art Teaching” was realised together with partner universities in four countries: Italy, Croatia, Austria and Slovenia. The declared goal was to develop an international master studies programme for contemporary art and creative industries titled “Media Arts and Practices”. The curriculum, which was developed over a two-year period, focuses on audio-visual (photography, film and animation) and intermedia art (installations, new media and transmedia). In addition, the collaboration focuses on (historical, theoretical and critical) discourse. The full two-year implementation cycle that followed put a strong emphasis on short, region-specific workshops, albeit with international participation. Following a selection procedure, students and mentors were invited to work on interdisciplinary topics on the spot, while simultaneously establishing multi-cultural and scientific exchange – in five languages. In a co-operation with the Institute for Contemporary Art (and many other partners), the IAM implemented several intermedia/transmedia art projects in public space under the collective heading of “Responsive Art in the Public Realm”. Two of those workshops, “FOReCAST” or “Turbulenz” and “BIX.perform();” investigated interactive and participatory installations as an mb research area on the one hand, using the computer as a tool and medium on the other.

Project duration:
2010 – 2014

Project team:
Richard Dank, Institute of Architecture and Media (TU Graz), Institute of Contemporary Art (TU Graz) and extern team members

EU Lifelong Learnig Programm

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