Erich Kocher

Erich Kocher (2012), Two Architects, Goethe and Schiller, Institute of Urbanism; 1st reviewer: Jean Marie Corneille Meuwissen, 2nd reviewer: Günter Höfler, 3rd reviewer: Wolfgang Gombocz; 170 pages, German.

This work tries to connect the scientific view of nature with the view of artists. It will be proved that art is not a luxury thing, so to say a “dessert” of life; it rather is an essential part of human nature, a serious, inevitable thing for the development of mankind. The most brilliant example for the connection of the scientific view of nature and the artificial view of life is Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. His genius was able to do as a scientist and to do as an artist. Have a look in his “Metamorphose der Pflanze” and his “Faust”. His friend in mind, Friedrich von Schiller, tried to describe the purpose and necessities of artificial view in twenty seven (27) letters, called : “Über die ästhetische Erziehung des Menschen”. Also the German Idealists, Johann Gottlieb Fichte – Friedrich Wilhelm Josef von Schelling – Georg Wilhelm Hegel, tried to come to a different view of nature, a different view of thinking about life. To make clear the importance of the tries to enrich nature, to enrich art, to enrich the mind of these personalities, living in the 18th and 19th century for an architect in the 21st century, is the purpose of this work. The results are therefore practical: “Helping to do the daily work, helping to get through the daily difficulties, helping to find new solutions in drawing plans and last not least making possible to engage in cultural work.”

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