Stage and Costumes. The Schauspielhaus Theatre in Graz as an Example for Design in Consisting Structure

The most recent publication from the Institute of Design in Consisting Structure and Architectural Heritage Protection with the title Bühne und Kostüme (Stage and Costumes) documents student contributions from the course "Design 3," held in winter semester 2019/20 by Petra Simon and Elemer Ploder.

Using the example of the Graz Schauspielhaus theatre, the students looked at the social and historical status of listed buildings. With the support of Theatre-Holding Graz/Styria under the management of Bernhard Rinner, the Federal Monuments Authority Austria under the direction of Christian Brugger, and the director of the Schauspielhaus theatre Graz, Iris Laufenberg, designs were developed which resulted from the examination of historical building structure, the integration of current usage profiles as well as a sustainable building structure. The aim of the course was to make the venue more accessible for the general public, theatre visitors and employees by means of extension and conversion, while at the same time considering the cultural and historical context of the theatre in the design. A prerequisite for this was interdisciplinary connection and a sensitive approach to the existing building. The result was a multifaceted design with a successful symbiosis of old and new.

The book is published by the TU Graz University Press and can be ordered directly from the publisher or from the institute. It is also available as an e-book.

Petra Simon, Elemer Ploder, Martina Thaller (Hg.)
Graz: TU Graz University Press, 2020
German, 121 pages
ISBN: 978-3-85125-762-5
EUR 29.-
Verlag der Technischen Universität Graz

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