What is Research Data Management?

Reesearch Data management (RDM for short) refers to all steps of the data lifecycle, from data generation to processing and analysis to publishing and preserving. Digital resources can be preserved and published via public discipline-specific repositories.

For consistent and structured descriptions of corresponding data, independent bibliographic/administrative or descriptive/technical metadata should be stored with data. Common metadata standards (e.g. Dublin Core, MARC) ensure machine-readability and therefore enable open data discovery and quality assessment. Data are usually provided with a persistent identifier (e.g. ISO standard digital object identifier - DOI).

In addition, sets of research data with appropriate documentation can be published in specific journals, such as GigaScience, F1000Research, Scientific Data or Data.

Over the last few years, increasing numbers of gatekeepers such as funding organizations and journals have started to demand RDM according to the FAIR principles in order to ensure transparency and reusability of research. 

Webinar: Introduction to FAIR Data and Data Management Planning on 1 July 10AM

In recent years, RDM according to the FAIR principles has become mandatory for many publishers as well as research funders. Digital TU Graz - Handlungsfeld Forschung will be hosting a webinar on Data Management and FAIR Data on Wednesday, 1 July 2020, 10-12:30 AM to show you how you can fulfil these requirements. Data Stewards from TU Delft will give a hands-on introduction to principles of FAIR data management including data management plans. The first part of the session will consist of an introduction to FAIR principles, and an overview of what to consider when applying those principles during and after research. Instructors will then introduce data management planning, and participants will be able to create a Data Management Plan considering different types of sensitive data (e.g., commercial or personal data).

By the end of the session participants will be familiar with the FAIR data principles as well as data management planning and will be able to find resources about data management.

The webinar will take place online. You can register here and places are limited!


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