Three situations are illustrated: The white head of a mannequin is wearing a hood with coloured electrodes. Two people sit in front of an open laptop. A hand in a white glove pushes a small black object into a white device.

Research Data Management at TU Graz

The Research Data Management (RDM for short) website aims to increase the awareness of RDM issues and to foster the adoption of RDM practices on the part of TU Graz researchers.

Research Data Management pertains to all steps taken along the data lifecycle to ensure that research data can be found, are accessible to others (whether other researchers or other interested parties), and are described (e.g. through proper metadata) in such a way that they can be reused by others. TU Graz has recently put into effect a policy governing the management of all research data generated/gathered by researchers working at TU Graz. Here, we provide information on all aspects of RDM, including foundations/principles of RDM, background & policy development, research into RDM, as well as practical guidelines for researchers.


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