Hydraulischer Modellversuch für das Pumpbecken Kleinvermunt - Hydraulic model tests for the Kleinvermunt pumping basin

Link Aushang

The Kleinvermunt pumping basin is part of a power plant group owned by illwerke vkw AG. Previous operation of the basin has shown that unfavorable flow conditions can occur in (air-drawing vortices). In the past, flow-calming installations such as a calming rake were installed directly at the intake structure. Most recently, in 2008, a so-called impact and calming wall was erected as a temporary solution made of precast concrete cubes. This provisional has proven to be useful.

The renewal of the asphalt concrete seal of the Kleinvermunt pumping basin is planned for the next few years. As part of these refurbishment and renewal measures, the provisionally erected impact wall is also to be replaced.

By the means of a master's thesis, a suitable, economical and permanent replacement for the temporary solution is to be found on the basis of physical model tests, which prevents unfavorable flows such as air-drawing vortices at the intake structure. The master's thesis can be started in fall 2022.

The work is professionally supervised in cooperation with Illwerke vkw and offers an ideal opportunity to work with one of the most innovative producers of flexible renewable energy from hydropower.


Start: September/October Focus: Implementation of the model test 
            2022                                    to optimize the hydraulic geometry of                                       the pump inlet rake and the flow
                               calming structure at the brook inflow