Service-Based Automation of Critical Distributed Embedded Real-Time Systems

In this area, we explore the possibilities of applying service-oriented architectures in industrial real-time systems. This includes the construction and improvement of a demonstrator platform, e.g. a robot arm that is to carry out certain activities.

In addition, the adaptation possibilities of service-oriented architectures are to be researched with regard to their fail-safety. If a certain service fails, another one should automatically take over. The possibilities of using artificial intelligence can also be considered and evaluated. Interested students therefore have a lot of freedom with regard to the specific topic.

Research Area:

  • Industrial Informatics
  • Smart Systems

Thesis Type

  • IT-Project / Project / Seminar
  • BSc Thesis
  • Master Thesis
  • PhD

Goals and Tasks

  • Build a demonstrator for industrial IoT (IIoT) systems with a miniature robot arm.
  • Explore the integration feasibilities of AI in safety-critical real-time applications for attack mitigation.
  • Build a real-time demonstrator of an IIoT system with runtime adaptation.
  • Analyze and compare industrial service-based approaches for the feasibility of application in a dependable industrial system context.

Required Prior Knowledge

  • Most important: Interest for the topic!
  • Required: The willingness to get involved in a difficult topic and to spend a lot of time on it (perseverance and tenacity!)
  • Required: Knowledge of programming languages and frameworks, e.g., C/C++, Python, maybe Tensorflow
  • Beneficial: Experience with real-time environments, industrial environments, safety and security, AI




6-12 months