Cybersecurity Norm TISAX for SMEs

The candidate shall evaluate the TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) Norm and its impact to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise) and prepare together with ISCN an approach how to implement the TISAX requirements. .

Background: ISCN already prepares for TISAX, performed TARA Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis, implemented access control etc. The student will work with a team and document the TISAX compliance together with the team. Benefits: ISCN has a cybersecurity engineer training and the student can attend that for free and receive a certificate. ISCN allows the student a free attendance for the annual EuroSPI conference (

Student Target Groups:

  • Industrial Informatics

Thesis Type:

  • Student project/Bachelor's thesis

Goal and Tasks:

  • Perform Desk Research on best practices for the implementation of TISAX in a SME
  • Evaluate the infrastructure of ISCN (Nextcloud Server) and identify gaps in regards to TISAX requirements (questionnaire is available)
  • Propose solutions how to resolve the gaps together with the ISCN Team
  • Document the approach

Recommended Prior Knowledge:

  • Experience in computer security
  • Experience in network design and server infrastructure
  • English language


  • As soon as possible.

Duration in months:

  • 3 months (Bachelor's Thesis)